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Bathroom renovation trends for 2016

Bathroom renovation trends for 2016

A bathroom renovation can spark life and luxury into even the most tired of properties.

While they often come with a sizeable price tag, if done tastefully and timelessly a bathroom renovation can add significantly to the resale value of your property.

In 2016, the latest renovation trends are of course all about how to incorporate technology into the bathroom experience. While some of the more out-there technology trends may not last the test of time here are some of the latest bathroom tech trends that will make your renovation a winner.

Anti-fog bathroom mirrors

luxury bathroom estate home shower

Yes, they exist. An anti-fog bath mirror is a great way to get rid of the inconvenience that is the hazy mirror after a shower. If you get ready in a rush in the morning and are sick of your mirror fogging over, and requiring a streak-inducing wipe, this could be the new bathroom technology for you.

Heated towel racks

Contemporary interior bathroom design with glass enclosed shower stall with Cararra marble tiles. Duo shower heads with rain shower and conventional shower head. Heated towel rack hanger. Photographed in horizontal format.

Heated towel racks have been around for a while and have now reached quite affordable prices in the grand scheme of a bathroom renovation. Adding that extra touch of luxury will not only make cold winter mornings so much better but will no doubt impress future buyers.

Heated floors

The interior of a simple, modern bathroom in a cool, green tone. There is a bath, shower, a bath towel . There are light grey tiles in the shower with running water

If you’re going ahead and ripping out the whole bathroom anyway, installing heated flooring could be the key to the warm, cosy bathroom of your dreams. Powered by hot water that travels in tubes underneath your tiling, you’ll never suffer from cold feet after a shower again.

Rain shower head

Low angle of running water from shower head in a cool coloured shower

A rain shower head has a large surface and sits overhead so that the effect of standing in a rain shower is created every time you jump in for a wash. While it sounds pretty magical, online reviews have said they often lack sufficient water pressure so it may be better suited to guest bathrooms and ensuites.

Lighting in the shower

Exclusive modern white bathroom with glass shower

Something that may be a little more practical when it comes to the shower space is adding lighting directly in the shower area. Most bathrooms suffer from dim lighting in the shower area as they rely on one central ceiling globe to do the job. Adding some ceiling lights directly over the shower space will help eliminate this problem and may appeal to future buyers.

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