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Expensive purchases that you won't regret

Expensive purchases that you won't regret

When it comes to purchases there are certain things where quality really matters. While with some items you can get away with a cheap fix, others require an investment of your hard earned cash.

Here are five things that will always be worth the extra money you spend on them.

A home

a tranquil residential home with a green lawn

For most people, a home is the single most expensive thing they will ever own in their life and while a lot of hard earned cash goes into the purchase it can be one of the most rewarding. While it may not be for everyone, particularly those who need to move around for work and the perpetual traveller, for most people this purchase will be a life changing moment. Owning your own home, whether it be an apartment or house, allows you to have a slice of the earth all to yourself. You can customise and decorate the property as you wish and change it over time as your needs change.

Not every property will turn out to be a gold mine of an investment but if you love where you live and can build a life and community around your home that can be just as great. Of course, there is no need for a home purchase to be made more expensive by a high interest rate mortgage so make sure you find a competitive home loan before you make this all-important purchase.

A good mattress

3d rendering. a luxury modern style bedroom.

A good night’s sleep can change your entire perspective on life and if your mattress is stopping you from achieving this you could be wasting your full potential. Particularly for those who have back and neck pain, buying a high quality mattress that is customised to your needs will be well worth the money. You may not be getting any direct monetary return on your purchase but an increase in productivity and happiness can hardly have a price put on it.  

Quality kitchen appliances

Modern luxury hi-tek black and white kitchen interior, clean design

Setting up your kitchen on the cheap will end up being far more expensive than if you purchase good quality kitchen products up front. The fact is, things like a kettle, toaster and kitchen knives will get almost daily use in most households and they need to be able to stand the wear and tear. Starting off with lower quality products will mean that replacements need to be purchased sooner rather than later. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be top of the line – but focusing on quality rather than price will pay itself off in the long run.


Shining and polishing leather shoes business man

There is no substitute for good quality shoes when you think of how important they actually are you can see why. Far from just fancy adornment for our feet, a good pair of shoes help to prevent serious postural problems and painful sores. Many shoes sold in fast fashion stores may be cheap but over time you will end up noticing the detrimental effects they can have on your body. Not to mention that they will generally fall apart in less than a year and require constant replacement. It’s best to invest in a pair of shoes that may be more expensive but are designed to provide comfort, quality and style.


Two multi-ethnic young men in vocational school, taking a class on reparing diesel engines.  They are working on an engine that has had parts painted different colors for training purposes.  They are wearing safety glasses.

It’s hard to put a price on the value of education but we all know how expensive it can be to fund your learning after school. No matter what level of education you choose to pursue, chances are that you will be left with a decent chunk of debt at the end of it. The good news is that investing in yourself through education is pretty much always a win-win situation. Even if you end up working in a different industry to what you study, broadening your knowledge of the world and building up your employable skills is never a bad thing.

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