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Top 10 free finance apps

Top 10 free finance apps

May 17, 2011

These days you can manage your money without sitting in front of your computer with the following apps.

Banking apps
Most banks offer a free app that allows you to check the balances of all your accounts including your home loan, make payments and transfer money, all while you’re on the go.

Income tax calculator
Figure how much is left of your pay packet after your tax obligations have been met.

Easy Loan
Enter the amount you want to borrow, the interest rate and the duration of the loan and Easy Loan calculates your monthly repayments.

Calculates loans and investments for as many months or years as you like, based on the amount of money involved.

Allows you to keep a running tally across multiple banking accounts.

eMoney Mobile
eMoney account holders can view their total personal wealth in seconds. You can also access and adjust your accounts.

A personal finance goal keep which uses social media outlets to help you reach your financial goals. You can add money to your goal, transfer funds from one goal to another and post comments to your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Provides data on all your store, debit and credit cards.

Cost Cutter
Need to save a specific amount of money in a set period? Enter the magic number and Cost Cutter will tell you how much you can save over time by cutting a particular cost.

Never again argue over who owes what when the restaurant bill arrives. PayBack calculates each person’s share of the cost of group outings or expenses.

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