Ways to add a touch of luxury to your home

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You don’t have to live in a sprawling country estate to enjoy a touch of luxury in your home. Sometimes, some clever renovations are all that’s required to turn your humble abode into a property fit for royalty (well, maybe not quite Buckingham Palace — but you get the drift).

Opening a high-interest savings account to fund home renovations is a smart move. The earlier you start, the more work you’ll be able to afford to transform your property. It certainly seems the luxury property trend is still strong. In Sydney alone, the prestige property market is back in full force. 

“After seven years of caution the Sydney prestige market is showing solid signs of growth as confidence returns to the marketplace following the [global financial crisis]. Business conditions play a key role in this market and we are seeing prices return to where they were previously due to the outlook appearing solid in the future,” said Malcolm Gunning, Real Estate Institute of New South Wales President.

Replace dated flooring

Of course, taking out a home loan to purchase a property valued at $3 million or $5 million isn’t a reality for everyday Australians.

But that’s not to say you can’t add luxurious touches to your home. Starting with the kitchen is a good move. Rip up flooring that’s in poor condition or out of trend (think mustard yellow linoleum or orange tiles). Replacing this with polished concrete or pale wooden floorboards will add sophistication to the space. 

Refresh countertops and splashbacks

A new kitchen splashback with glossy navy, off-white or slate tiles looks stunning and with a new sink mixer and cabinet handles it will take your kitchen from dull to luxurious.

Marble is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to updating your kitchen or bathroom countertop, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. If you want the impression of luxury without the price, opt for soapstone or a granite overlay.

Create heavenly bedrooms

You can add truly luxurious touches to your bedrooms by investing in the right linen and furniture.

High thread count cotton sheets are a dream to sleep in and look sophisticated in shades like cream, off-white or beige. Pick linen and blankets in varying hues of your selected colour for a sleek, integrated look. 

Narrow vases, freshly-painted window frames and plush rugs will tie in the theme of luxury. You might even revive an old dresser with a coat of white paint after taking to it with medium- to high-grade sandpaper.

Rethink your windows

Roman blinds or white shutters look great throughout the home, or you might opt for ceiling-to-floor curtains in a luxurious fabric like velvet.

Once your high-interest savings account is looking healthy, take the time to investigate in home renovation specialists. Or you might take on smaller jobs yourself and spend a weekend doing some luxury DIY!


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