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ABN: 35652914657
LicenceType: CRN
Licence Number: 534385
Postcode: 5011
Suburb: Woodville West

Residential & Commercial Finance Specialist Lendier Finance is committed to helping you find the right financial solution and make wise decisions moving forward. Whether you are in the market looking to purchase your first home, refinance your existing mortgage or looking to grow your investment portfolio. From various contacts in the industry, we will find the solution for the best outcome. At Lendier Finance we are dedicated to work with you towards your financial goals and always have your best interest in mind. We will take the time to understand your goals and assist with finding you most appropriate solution to align with your financial goals. Focus is to go through every single file to make sure it will get approved before submission and present the best possible scenario add value to our clients and score an APPROVAL.

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It is far too often that you hear of people ending up with the wrong type of loan, a bad deal or sign up with promises that are never kept.

Broker profile

Daniel Uzelac


0 Reviews

Woodville West 5011CRN/ABN:534385

Lendier Finance Pty Ltd