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Nathan Martin


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ABN: 41635689299
LicenceType: CRN
Licence Number: 522328
Postcode: 5025
Suburb: Flinders Park

With over 15 years’ experience working in residential and commercial finance, Nathan started his career working directly for the banks gaining first-hand understanding on how to arrange finance for his clients’ personal, business and investment needs.   His retail & business banking, finance, and management background has given him the experience needed to deal more effectively with lenders, which in turn, provides opportunities that assists his clients’ in gaining more financial control.    He sets a goal of entering a long-term financial relationship with each client and develops value added drivers that grows trust and creates stronger relationships. He also provides a very personalized service based on a strong understanding of each of his client’s financial goals.  This ensures that each client feels comfortable, knowing he is with them for the long haul.

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Key speciality

  • Short-term Finance

  • Business Finance

  • Commercial

  • Non-residential lending

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Non-conforming

  • Go-Between Loan (for Residential purposes)

  • Home Loan

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What people are saying

Arun Venu

Nathan is by far the best consultant I have ever met. He made look borrowing loans much easier, he took all the burden off us by communicating with banks, following up with them and also with us to get the loan application process quicker.I have already and would definitely recommend him to my friends and everyone.

Debbie Watson

I�ll recommend Nathan to all my friends who are looking for a broker. He has done an amazing job from day one. He has been helping me with finance for the last 10 years even when he was working in the bank. Thanks again Nathan.

Sam & Jackie

Nathan is above all very honest, thorough and transparent. He is a careful listener, ensuring he understands all aspects of the situation before doing his research and making recommendations. He got us an interest rate that was less than half of the best our then (big 4 bank) lender could offer. His involvement also massively speeded up the process. When we have dealt directly with the big banks ourselves it has taken weeks if not months to get things done. Nathan had everything wrapped up in less than a week and was excellent at communicating with regards to progress and any extra information needed. He was very honest and only recommended changes which genuinely benefitted us in our current circumstances, and was very transparent about how he would be paid for his efforts. Nathan is a quiet, gentle, thoughtful and intelligent and is a delightful person as well as providing a great service. We are very happy to write this review for him.

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It is far too often that you hear of people ending up with the wrong type of loan, a bad deal or sign up with promises that are never kept.

Broker profile

Nathan Martin


14 Reviews

Flinders Park 5025CRN/ABN:522328

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