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ABN: 92649811361
LicenceType: CRN
Licence Number: 532008
Postcode: 3977
Suburb: Cranbourne East

In recent times, I found myself lucky to be employed in a Family-owned accountant firm. Before my departure, I've had the opportunity to meet the right network and create further opportunities. As time progressed, I became more intrigued with the financial sector and took a steady approach to get involved in the lending industry. I have completed my studies in Cert IV Finance and Mortgage Broking and hold accreditations with 40 different lenders, big and small, with which I have a good relationship. I don't shy away from complex scenarios and take what I know from each deal to improve my skills. I build on my strengths and work on my weaknesses by believing that communication and time management are the foundation for building my principles.

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  • Home Loan

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It is far too often that you hear of people ending up with the wrong type of loan, a bad deal or sign up with promises that are never kept.

Broker profile

Russel Gomes


0 Reviews

Cranbourne East 3977CRN/ABN:532008

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