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Vini Paulatti


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VPDA Mortgage and Financial Services

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ABN: 67645808671
LicenceType: CRN
Licence Number: 527259
Postcode: 3750
Suburb: Wollert

Specialized in investment property (residential, commercial, trust and SMSF). Have helped many clients to overcome the borrowing capacity limitation they all face when start building an investment property portfolio. Helped many clients to refinance and reduce their home loan repayments, allowing then to increase their savings to contribute towards the next investment property purchase. Our mission is to simplify the loan process to our clients and at the same time add value to our clients to keep then with us in a long term.

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Key speciality

  • SMSF

  • Commercial

  • Home Loan

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What people are saying

Karina L. da Silva

Excellent and professional service, really helped me with my investment portfolio, restructuring to maximise my borrowing capacity and freeing up equity to buy my next investment property. Really recommend!

Leonardo Bassoi

Great service with a lot of care with us. I felt treated as human rather than the usual meaningless commercial interaction. I did my own research, but the rates and conditions Vini provided were unbeatable. The knowledgeable explanations made easier to choose. It was a outstanding experience and I would recommend to everyone. Looking forward for the next opportunity to refinance my home again

Claudio Ikemori

Vini provided the best deal for my home loan refinance. Explained clearly all my questions and doubts. Definitely recommend him as a finance broker.

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It is far too often that you hear of people ending up with the wrong type of loan, a bad deal or sign up with promises that are never kept.

Broker profile

Vini Paulatti


4 Reviews

Wollert 3750CRN/ABN:527259

VPDA Mortgage and Financial Services