CUA Kick Start Loan


A key feature of this home loan product is the two-year introductory period that includes a lower than average variable interest rate. Borrowers should be aware that at the end of this period the rate will be increased and therefore so will the monthly repayments. After two years, the loan reverts to the CUA Fresh Start Basic Loan. 

Other features in the CUA Kick Start Loan include a fee-free redraw facility and the ability to make unlimited extra repayments. These features, when used wisely, can assist in reducing the overall amount of interest paid over the mortgage term. 

This home loan is only available with principal and interest repayments.

Who is the CUA Kick Start Loan good for?

The CUA Kick Start Loan is a competitive choice for owner-occupiers who are looking to keep loan costs down thanks to the two-year introductory period that features a lower than average variable rate.

Review - What RateCity says

The CUA Kick Start Loan may be a good option owner-occupiers thanks to the discounted variable rate for the first two years of the loan. Borrowers should be conscious, however, that this rate will revert to a higher basic variable rate at the end of this period and they should be prepared to switch if this rate is no longer competitive with what’s offered on the market.

The loan does charge some fees that should be factored into the upfront cost of the loan. There are no ongoing fees, however, and no fees to access the full range of features offered by the loan. In fact, the loan offers many features that could assist in reducing the overall interest costs associated with the loan if used wisely by the borrower.

This home loan is only available with principal and interest repayments, so borrowers will need to take this into consideration.

CUA Kick Start Loan Options

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  • Low two-year introductory variable rate
  • Unlimited extra repayments
  • Fee-free redraw facility
  • Upfront fees charged
  • Discharge fee charged
  • Reverts to higher rate after two year introductory variable period

Must be 18 years or older.

A permanent resident of Australia.

About CUA

CUA is a customer-owned lender that seeks to pass on the profits of the business to borrowers in the form of lower fees and interest rates. CUA has a limited amount of branches across the country and customers can access their cash for free through the RediATM network.

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