Homestar Finance Honeymoon Home Loan


The Homestar Finance Honeymoon Home Loan offers a low variable rate to first home buyers and refinancers planning to live in their property. While a sizeable deposit is required to secure the loan, borrowers will be rewarded with a competitive rate and access to a variety pf features.

The loan comes with a 100 per cent offset account that can be accessed with the Visa debit card provided by Homestar Finance. Borrowers will be able to make extra lump sum repayments to the loan as they wish and redraw on the funds if they need to access them through an online service.

An interest only variation of the loan is available for up to five years if the borrower wishes to use this feature. The loan can also be split between a fixed and variable rate.

Repayments can be structured in either weekly, fortnightly or monthly cycle, depending on the borrower’s preference.

Who is the Homestar Finance Honeymoon loan good for?

The Homestar Finance Honeymoon Loan is good for owner-occupier borrowers who are either buying their first property or looking to refinance to a lower variable rate loan. The initial discounted rate may particularly benefit first home buyers who will be adjusting to the additional cost of paying off a mortgage. 

The 100 per cent offset account feature will suit borrowers who are looking to incorporate their everyday spending and saving into their home loan. 

Review - What RateCity says

While this loan is available to first home buyers and refinancing owner-occupiers, the deposit required to secure this loan is quite substantial and would exclude many first home buyers from accessing this low rate. Another aspect of the loan that should be well noted by potential borrowers is that the initial interest rate will go up after six months and after that time will be subject to further fluctuation as the cash rate goes up and down.

The fees associated with the loan should also be taken into consideration as there is both an upfront and ongoing charged with the mortgage. Borrowers looking for a fully featured loan, however, will not be disappointed and may find that the fees are worth the cost in their position.

Homestar Finance Honeymoon Home Loan Options

For owner-occupier borrowers considering this loan, options can be found in the table below:

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • 100 per cent offset account.
  • Flexible repayment structure.
  • Rate reverts to higher amount after six months.
  • Upfront fee charged.
  • Ongoing monthly fee.

Must meet minimum deposit requirement.

Must be planning to occupy the property.

About Homestar Finance

Homestar Finance is a non-bank lender that offers low interest rate loans Australia-wide. When applying for a loan with Homestar Finance you will be assigned a home loan specialist who will assist you throughout the life of your loan. Customers can contact the lender by calling their call centre or lodging a call back request online.

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