Mortgage House Easy Start Two Loan


On the surface, the most appealing feature of this loan is the interest rate, which is discounted for the first 12 months making it one of the most competitive rates in the market. But be aware that some introductory rates may leave a sting in the tail.

Following the 12-month introductory period, the Easy Start Two Home Loan reverts to a higher variable rate, yet by market standards is moderately low.

Another popular feature on offer with this loan is the redraw facility, which allows eligible borrowers to draw on the equity they may have in the property to use for other purposes such as renovations.

The loan also allows for additional repayments and lump sum payments – such as a tax return or a bonus – which can be a great way to get ahead on paying down a home loan.

Another feature of this loan is mortgage portability, which means the loan may be moved from one property to another.

Like many of the low-rate home loans, this ‘no frills’ mortgage doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of some other products. For instance, it does not offer an offset account, which is a popular feature for many borrowers. 

Who is the Mortgage House Easy Start Loan good for?

This loan may suit someone who is looking to purchase or refinance a property they plan to live in, as it is designed specifically for owner-occupier borrowers.

The lender requires a minimum deposit of 30 per cent to be eligible for this loan, so it would suit someone who has some equity up their sleeve or those who have saved a big deposit.

It might suit a borrower who prefers the flexibility of a variable rate, and the convenience of a redraw facility.

With portability as a feature, this loan may also be suited to a borrower who plans to move to a new property in the future, but may not want the hassle of signing up to a new loan to do so.

Review - What RateCity says

This is an introductory home loan product, which reverts to a slightly higher rate after the initial 12-month period, meaning the repayments on this loan will increase after the first year.

While the annual fees are nil in the first year, an annual fee is charged for the rest of the life of the loan, and is above average for the market.

A ‘no frills’ product, this loan doesn’t have some of the popular features, such as an offset account. But it does offer a redraw facility and it allows for additional and lump sum repayments, which may be useful tools to help pay off a home loan sooner.

Mortgage House Easy Start Two Loan Options

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  • Low introductory rate and moderately low revert rate.
  • Redraw facility available.
  • Allows for additional repayments and lump sum payments.
  • Annual fees from year two are above market average.
  • Upfront fees charged.
  • No offset account available.

Minimum deposit of 30 per cent of the purchase price.

Owner-occupier borrowers.

Must meet the lender’s serviceability requirements.

Borrowing a maximum loan amount of $500,000.

New customers only.


About Mortgage House

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender, which operates in partnership with Adelaide Bank.

Initially a mortgage-broking business in the 1980s, Mortgage House was established as a lender in 2010 and now has home loan centres nationwide.

In addition to its home loan offering, Mortgage House provides car and personal loans, business loans and commercial finance.

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