You couldn’t beat my current rate – how do I claim my reward?

Mark Bristow
May 20, 2019( 1 min read )

If we can’t beat your current home loan rate, you can claim your $100 gift card by confirming your home loan details with us.*

To do this, on your results page you’ll need to securely upload a home loan document or statement from your lender that can be used to confirm the home loan details you provided. This should outline the following information:

  • Loan term
  • Loan type (fixed / variable)
  • Payment type (principal and interest / interest only)
  • Loan purpose (owner / investor)
  • Property value
  • Date of loan commencement
  • Any special conditions

We’ll keep your information private and confidential and only use your document to confirm your entry.

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You can only check your rates once. However we will send you, via email, the link to the result page so that you may return to it.

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