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Some of the best home loans for owner occupiers in November 2021

Some of the best home loans for owner occupiers in November 2021

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), owner occupier lending has fallen over recent months, while investor lending has climbed. This is understood to be partly due to skyrocketing property values in popular areas pricing some first home buyers out of the market, unless they can get significant assistance from parental guarantors, government support programs, or both.

RateCity may also be able to help owner occupiers seeking home loans that suit their needs. RateCity’s Home Loan Leaderboards rank mortgage deals in different categories by their Real Time Ratings™. Additionally, mortgage offers with consistently high ratings may become eligible for RateCity’s Gold Awards, so you can be confident in their value. 

Some of the best variable home loans

Over the past year, banks and mortgage lenders have been discounting fixed interest rates to record lows. However, with pressure building for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to raise the nation’s cash rate sooner rather than later, many banks and lender have begun slashing variable interest rates on home loans while quietly increasing fixed interest rates

Some of the best variable home loans over $1 million 

Depending on where you’re looking to buy, you may require a home loan of at least $1 million or more to afford a property. Be sure to consider whether you’ll be able to afford the repayments before you apply, and keep in mind that lenders may be assessing applications more carefully to limit risky lending.

Some of the best refinance home loans

If you already own a property, you may have more equity available than you realise. This could put you in a position to refinance your home loan and get a better deal on your mortgage. Alternatively, you could switch to a lender that offers features benefits, and other services that better suit your current financial needs. This could even include cashback deals.

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