Sydney, Perth and Darwin buck trend of rising rents

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Property rental rates increased in most of Australia’s eight capital cities over the past year, according to new data from SQM Research.

The two main exceptions were Sydney and Darwin, which experienced falls in median weekly rents for both houses and units (see tables below).

Perth also experienced a fall in unit rents, although house rents increased.

By contrast, house and unit rents climbed in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra.

Australia’s two smallest capitals produced the biggest annual changes in rents:

  • Hobart – rents jumped 10.9 per cent for houses and 9.3 per cent for units
  • Darwin – rents slumped 6.6 per cent for houses and 4.6 per cent for units

Median rents for houses

City Weekly rent Annual change
Sydney $710 -3.0%
Melbourne $535 4.0%
Brisbane $455 2.7%
Perth $433 4.0%
Adelaide $392 3.2%
Hobart $429 10.9%
Canberra $636 5.1%
Darwin $498 -6.6%

Median rents for units

City Weekly rent Annual change
Sydney $508 -2.3%
Melbourne $405 2.5%
Brisbane $373 2.0%
Perth $321 -0.4%
Adelaide $299 2.7%
Hobart $355 9.3%
Canberra $461 6.8%
Darwin $391 -4.6%
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