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Best Margin Loan

Best Margin Loan

Looking for one of the best margin loan? At RateCity you can compare margin loans by type, interest, and amount, and then ranking results by their lowest rates.

Some of the best margin loans will have features such as:

  • A competitive low rate – to reduce your interest and principal repayments.
  • A high loan to value ratio (LVR) – to reduce your initial deposit and allow you to borrow more of the investment amount.
  • More approved stocks and managed fund companies – to give you extra flexibility and choice.
  • Outstanding star rating – to ensure your product meets professional standards and represents best value for money.

Remember that a margin loan is only as good as the investment, which is why it's important to follow professional advice and diversify your portfolio. Before you pick the stocks, first find some of the best margin loan in Australia with our online comparison tools.

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