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Compare Margin Loan

Compare Margin Loan

Compare margin loan interest rates at RateCity find the most affordable option for your share market and managed fund investment needs.

Margin loan features that can be compared include:

  • The interest rate : finding the lowest rate will greatly reduce your repayments.
  • The loan to value ratio (LVR): the higher the LVR, the lower your initial deposit needs to be.
  • The type of interest charged : Variable interest can be charged every month in arrears, or be fixed for a number of months, in advance.
  • The number of approved stocks and managed fund companies : having a bigger range of stocks and managed funds to choose from gives you freedom and flexibility.
  • Margin loan ratings : margin loans with more star ratings have been professionally approved as value for money products.

Before you apply for a loan, compare margin loan features to make sure that your needs and budgets are met. When you have found the best margin loan for you read the fine print and apply online at RateCity.

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