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Margin Lending Loans

Margin Lending Loans

Margin lending loans allow you to borrow money to invest in shares and managed funds. Your investment is held as security for the loan, which allows you to make bigger investments than you could normally afford.

When you have more money to invest, your gains are magnified in the case that your portfolio rises in value, giving you higher profits than you could achieve without the borrowed cash. Using margin lending loans to fund your share investments can also give you tax incentives.

When your shares lose value, the losses you make will also be magnified, which add on to the loan that you already need to repay. When the value of your investment portfolio begins to fall below your loan amount, you run the risk of negative equity, which is the risk of having to repay more money than you borrowed. Margin loans may suit you if you are comfortable with a healthy level of risk, due to the often unpredictable movements of share prices.

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