Margin Loan Interest Rate

Margin Loan Interest Rate

The margin loan interest rate is a crucial part of a margin loan because it calculates the total amount that you will be repaying over its term. By comparing online, you may find the lowest rate in Australia and maximise your profits from gearing with margin loans.

The margin loan interest rate, like all variable rates, can change without warning, so it is a good idea to ensure that you can afford at least a 2 percent rise in your margin loan interest rate when you consider your repayments. This will protect you from debt build-ups in the future, and gives you flexibility to adjust to unstable interest rate movements.

If you only plan to hold your investments for a short term, you may choose interest only repayments, which will make your monthly repayments far cheaper. However, because you are only paying the interest, you cannot claim any of the principal over the life of your loan.

Compare online and visit our margin loan comparison page to find some of the lowest rates for your investment needs.

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