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RateCity launches money vid for kids

RateCity launches money vid for kids

Teaching kids about money as early as possible is one of the best ways to set them up for a good financial future, according to financial comparison site RateCity who has this week launched a cartoon and video series for kids as young as four. 

RateCity’s debut cartoon is narrated by a turtle called Tinka who has to go without chocolate fish to save for a scooter. A video series for parents is also on offer, providing creative ideas on how to engage children in the money conversation.

Marketing Director for RateCity Ali Cassim, says the videos will form part of a bigger online program the company is developing to assist parents seeking a better financial education for their children.

“Young children have the ability to soak up a lot of information. Parents and teachers have a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression on young minds when it comes to creating good money habits,” she said.

Cassim says despite recent developments, Australian schools are still behind the eight ball when it comes to teaching young children about money.

“Schools in the UK and the US have introduced financial education subjects as a compulsory and formal part of their curriculum but this is still not the case in Australia,” she said.

According to recent ABS data, almost 1 in 5 [17%] of Australian children start school without basic skills like counting to 20 and recognising numbers.

Ali Cassim says RateCity are determined to improve this statistic through easy to follow and engaging programs for parents and kids.

“Thanks to the internet, families can take matters into their own hands and teach kids about money at home. Our video series is all about arming them with the tools they need to do that,” Cassim said.

“We have put our thinking caps on for parents and have come up with some great ways to get kids involved,” she said.

“Money doesn’t have to be a daunting topic, we want kids to enjoy the process of learning to earn, save and invest.”

Parents can access the debut cartoon and informative videos on RateCity’s website at the link below:


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