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How does NAB Now Pay Later compare to the competition?

Big bank NAB is joining the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) pack with its new offer, NAB Now Pay Later. But how does this service rate alongside the established BNPL players?

ANZ launches app-based Plus and Save accounts: how do they compare?

One of Australia’s biggest banks, ANZ, has launched a new banking app that offers customers both an everyday account and ‘multi-goal’ savings account. But how does it compare to other big bank offerings?

Home loan rate wars reignite as ANZ cuts its lowest variable rate

Australia’s fourth largest lender has cut its lowest variable rate back down to 2.29 per cent, but only for new customers.

60,000 spots for home buyers - what's on offer from the new government

We compare what's been put on the table from the new government to help people buy a home.

What the new Labor government means for your finances

With a new Labor government being sworn in following the 2022 federal election, many Australians may be wondering what the election result means for their finances, now and in the future. Several new Labor policies are expected to supplement existing federal government programs to provide Australians with economic support.

Stablecoin TerraUSD death spiral: Luna Foundation Guard sells assets to repay users

Last week TerraUSD depegged, causing a ripple effect that wiped around $60 billion from the crypto markets. Now its death spiral has led to the company selling its remaining digital assets.

The savings accounts coming up trumps post RBA hike

3% is the new highest maximum ongoing rate for young Australians and 1.60% is the new highest ongoing rate for all adults.

Smaller units are losing value faster: how the property you choose impacts price

Small houses and one-bedroom units have taken a dive in terms of median prices nationally, according to research from Domain. First home buyers may consider keeping an eye out for smaller home bargains.

Westpac lowers interest rates for hybrid and EVs: compare green car loan rates

Westpac revealed a new, lower car loan interest rate for customers considering purchasing a new or used hybrid or electric vehicle. Discover how it compares to other loans and how to compare green car financing.

Finding a green loan is about to get easier

A partnership between a fintech and a digital mortgage broker is promising to make it easier to compare banks, mortgage lenders, and other finance companies by their green credentials, which many Australians are prioritising when choosing home loans and other financial products.

How much will your retirement savings suffer if you access your super early?

Government schemes allowing you to access your super early could seem like a promising opportunity, but is it leaving you worse off in the long run?

What does wage growth data mean for home owners and renters?

Wage growth data released today shows a rise of 2.4%. With wages still well behind inflation levels and a 40 basis point rate hike predicted in June, what does a higher cost of living mean for homeowners and renters?

What is a digital home loan?

At its recent launch, Unloan has promised to introduce a digital home loan that borrowers can apply for in as little as ten minutes. But what exactly is a digital home loan, and how could one help you achieve your financial goals?