Catalyst Money Personal Loans

Catalyst Money is a credit union based in New South Wales, Australia. As a credit union, Catalyst Money does not have any external shareholders. Rather, it is owned and governed by its members.

It was founded in 1963 as the University of New South Wales Credit Union. While the credit union was initially established for university staff, Catalyst Money membership is now open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Catalyst Money personal loan repayment calculator

Thinking about taking out a personal loan with Catalyst Money? Use our personal loan calculator to see how much you’d have to repay under different borrowing scenarios. You can also see how Catalyst Money personal loan compare with various products.

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Catalyst Money Personal Loans

Features of Catalyst Money personal loan

Catalyst Money provides both secured and unsecured loans, as well as loans with either variable or fixed interest rates. Catalyst Money personal loans have a maximum loan amount of $100,000 and can be used for a range of expenses like a new car, home renovations or an overseas holiday.

Catalyst Money charges certain fees for their personal loans. Catalyst Money charges an application fee and, in some cases, a monthly account-keeping fee.

Catalyst Money offers free redraw facility and allows additional repayments with no penalty.

Catalyst Money personal loans - customer service

Catalyst Money customer service can be reached by phone, email, online enquiry or mailed letter. Catalyst Money customers can also speak with its team of mobile lenders to discern the right Catalyst Money personal loan.

Who is eligible for a Catalyst Money personal loan?

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must not have declared bankruptcy in the past
  • Must be a permanent Australian resident or citizen with an Australian residential address
  • Must receive regular income
  • Must be a member of Catalyst Money

How to apply for a Catalyst Money personal loan?

  • After you’ve chosen your loan, enter your intended loan amount and click ‘Apply Now’
  • Confirm you are eligible for the loan
  • Complete the online application form
  • Submit the online application form

Catalyst Money personal loans review

Catalyst Money is a personal loan lender that provides secured and unsecured loans with either variable or fixed interest rates. Catalyst Money personal loans offer free a redraw facility, as well as free additional repayments, which means customers may be able to repay their loans early with no penalty.

Catalyst Money personal loan rates vary between its products. Its personal loan interest rates tend to range from very low to moderately low. In general, Catalyst Money personal loan rates are lower on secured loans than unsecured loans. To find the best personal loan rates for your current financial situation, it’s important to compare personal loan rates from several lenders.

Although Catalyst Money does not charge redraw or early exit fees, it does charge an application fee. In some cases, Catalyst Money loans may also incur an overdraft account monthly fee.

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