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personal loans in Perth


Personal loans in Perth

With a population of more than two million, Perth is one of the largest cities in Australia. Its vibrant economy has seen employment grow in areas such as public administration and business services, as well as community and personal services, education, health, retail and wholesale trade. 

As such, there are many banks and non-bank lenders that offer personal loans in Perth, which means you should have plenty of options when it comes to getting a good deal.

How do personal loans in Perth work?

If you want to apply for a personal loan in Perth, the first step is to identify lenders that offer products that suit your needs. Compare lenders’ terms and conditions online, as while personal loans can be used for many different purposes, some lenders will only agree to lend you money for the likes of buying a car or paying a medical bill, but not for debt consolidation, for example. Check the eligibility criteria of the various lenders to pinpoint those that will offer you the sort of loan you want.

Why do people use personal loans in Perth?

Residents of Perth apply for personal loans to cover expenditure they have not budgeted for and make major purchases. Even if you have poor credit history or are self-employed, there are still lenders that will provide you with the right deal.

Personal loans can be used for:

  • Debt consolidation;
  • Financial emergencies, such as unexpected medical bills;
  • Making vital home repairs;
  • Paying for a wedding;
  • Purchasing a new vehicle, such as a car, caravan or motorcycle;
  • Supporting a student at college.

What are the main features?

Personal loans can potentially include several features, but not all of them are available with every lender. A loan with overpayment and redraw facilities or a line of credit is useful if you’re looking for a degree of flexibility.

Some personal loans come with associated financial products, such as a savings account, everyday account or credit card, for example. You can also take out a basic personal loan with a regular repayment schedule and nothing else, if it suits your needs.

You’ll need to look for a lender offering an unsecured loan if you don’t want to secure your loan on an asset, such as your car or home.

What are the pros and cons of personal loans in Perth?

A personal loan will help you to increase the capital available to you in an affordable, organised way. With the competitive nature of the personal loans marketplace in Perth, you can be assured of plenty of choice, meaning you should be able to pick out a lender who can provide the level of flexibility you require. 

Remember that some lenders charge for extra features such as making additional payments and redrawing, so it’s best to check all charges and fees attached to any personal loan agreement before signing it. Doing your research and asking about the details of personal loans at the outset is essential in choosing a deal that’s right for you and your circumstances. 


^Words such as "top", "best", "cheapest" or "lowest" are not a recommendation or rating of products. This page compares a range of products from selected providers and not all products or providers are included in the comparison. There is no such thing as a 'one- size-fits-all' financial product. The best loan, credit card, superannuation account or bank account for you might not be the best choice for someone else. Before selecting any financial product you should read the fine print carefully, including the product disclosure statement, fact sheet or terms and conditions document and obtain professional financial advice on whether a product is right for you and your finances.

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