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Start a savings account

Start a savings account

Do you have a dream you want to see come to fruition? Starting a savings account could be the first step towards achieving your dream. Whether you want to start a savings account for yourself or on behalf of your child, compare savings accounts online to find the best savings account for your needs.

If you want to start a savings account for your kids, there are a range of children’s savings account that offer a high rate of interest and low fees so that your kids can save more.

If you are opening an account for yourself, consider an online savings account as they offer a high rate of interest, allowing you to earn more and reach your savings goals sooner.

Questions to consider when starting a savings account

  • First and foremost, what’s the interest rate? Find out the interest rate, if it’s an introductory rate check what the revert rate will be and check how regularly you will receive interest.
  • How much are the account keeping fees?
  • What are the minimum and maximum account balances?
  • Do you require a linked account, such as a transaction account to transfer your funds across to your savings account?
  • How will you earn interest on regular deposits and will you lose interest if you withdraw money?

The table to the right shows some of the top everyday high interest savings accounts currently available. To learn more information about savings accounts read our detailed guide or follow our news articles to get the latest savings tips.

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