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Fast Track Savings Account

*Bonus Interest applies for the following month where $1000 or more is credited to the linked Day2Day Plus account in the prior month. This amount does not include amounts transferred from another one of your BOQ Accounts.

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Pros and Cons

  • Has no ongoing fees
  • Is online only
  • Must satisfy conditions



Bank of Queensland offers two different savings accounts, neither of which charge monthly account-keeping fees. The Bonus Interest Savings Account pays bonus interest if you make no more than one withdrawal per month. The WebSavings Account has a base interest rate of 0.01 per cent, but pays bonus interest if you have a balance of at least $2,000. Bank of Queensland also offers term deposits, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans, insurance and investing services. BoQ was founded in 1874 and has more than 200 branches across Australia.

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