How to save $3,000 in 2018

Leah Dobihal

Leah Dobihal

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Now that you’ve blown your budget over Christmas, it’s time to take saving seriously. We’ve got six ways to help you save over $3,000 in 2018.

Stay loyal to your coffee cup

A lot of people can’t make it a day without at least one cup of steamy coffee. At some point, you may have been advised to ditch the coffee altogether or brew it at home, but there’s a new money-saving caffeine hack on the block.

Many cafes will reduce your coffee price by $0.50 when you bring your own cup, making a KeepCup good for your wallet and the environment. If you drink two coffees a day, you’re looking at a saving of $365 in 2018.

Cancel the cable

If you have a big cable package, it’s likely one of your highest bills each month. Many households spend over $75 a month on their favourite channels, so cutting ties with your cable can help you save big time in 2018.

Today’s entertainment opportunities are endless, so you could consider swapping your cable for a more affordable streaming service. If you swap your $75 monthly bill for a $12 streaming fee, you’ll save $756 this year.

Set up bank accounts that give back

Staying on top of your banking can not only save you money – it can also earn you money. Do an audit of your bank accounts, asking yourself a few key questions. How much are you paying in fees? How much interest are you earning?

When you understand your accounts, you can earn more interest, pay fewer fees and save hundreds. If you have two bank accounts that charge a standard $5 per month, then switching to an account with no monthly maintenance fees could save you $120 in 2018.

Go for cold

Think about everything in your home that heats up. There’s the washing machine, the dryer, the kitchen faucet, the shower, not to mention the space heaters you blast during the winter.

Monthly gas and electricity costs range from $140 to over $500 per month in Australia, so choosing even one or two cold-water alternatives can save you cold hard cash in 2018. Simply washing your clothes in cold water can save you $0.50 a load. If you wash two loads of clothes per week, you could save $52 on your laundry alone.

Say hello to H20

Water isn’t just the healthiest option to drink; it’s also the most economical. If you consume one soft drink a day, you’re looking at a monthly bill of about $60. At $1.90 a bottle, cutting a Coke a day would save you $57 per month, or $684 per year.

Go meatless on Mondays

Going meatless is a healthy way to save money. Proteins like beef, chicken and fish usually have a higher price tag than vegetarian protein sources like beans, eggs, or nuts.

Plus, going meatless doesn’t mean giving up meals you love. Try trading your steak fajita for a three-bean taco with all the fixings.

Swapping out your meat can save you over $10 per meal, so even going meatless for two meals per day, one day per week can save you $1,040 over the course of this year.

Now that Christmas has passed, it’s time to start saving. Use a few of these tips and tricks to see how much you can save in 2018.


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