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What is the RateCity 2018 Business & Finance Scholarship?

If you're a university student enrolled in an applicable course, the RateCity 2018 Business & Finance Scholarship is a chance for you to win $3,000 towards your learning expenses!

Value: $3,000

Length: Two semesters

Status: CLOSED

Closing date: 28 April 2018

Update: Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the RateCity Scholarship. We're pleased to announce that after careful consideration by our judges, we have selected Larissa Zhang as our winner. Congratulations, Larissa!

You can read the winning entry here.

Who is RateCity?

RateCity, Australia’s leading financial comparison website, helps you make better decisions about your personal finances.

RateCity compares home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, superannuation funds and saving accounts from over 250 providers, so you don’t have to.

Our sophisticated search tool visits hundreds of sites to find you products that fit your lifestyle and budget. RateCity takes the hassle out of finding the financial products you need.

RateCity is a regular presence in Australia’s media. The company’s spokespeople often appear in television news and current affairs programs, major newspapers, popular magazines and leading radio stations.

Media outlets around Australia rely on RateCity for expert analysis as well as the company’s vast trove of data about finance products.

Why is RateCity offering this scholarship?

RateCity is committed to encouraging the growth and business acumen of students. As a financial comparison website, RateCity is keen to offer support to students in business, finance or related fields who are interested in finance, investing, lending and economics.

The RateCity 2018 Business & Finance Scholarship is designed to help students battle the rising cost of education. For most people, a university education is a great investment – but it doesn’t come cheap. Thanks to this scholarship, the winner will be able to minimise the amount of student debt they accrue before they enter the workforce.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

The RateCity 2018 Business & Finance Scholarship is open to Australian and international students who are studying either part-time or full-time at university.

That said, the scholarship has been carefully targeted at students who share an interest in finance. As a result, applicants must be studying accounting, actuarial studies, banking, business, commerce, economics, finance, management, marketing or property, at an Australian university.

Students who are enrolled in a course related to business and finance are best placed to think about financial literacy, which is the issue RateCity wants students to discuss in their scholarship application (see below).

Once business and finance students have graduated and moved into the workforce, it’s likely they’ll have to deal with questions of financial literacy during their career. The RateCity 2018 Business & Finance Scholarship is a chance for students to think deeply about the issue now – and hopefully be rewarded for it too.

How do you apply for the scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship, students will have to submit a 500-word essay on this question:

"Should financial literacy be taught in schools? Why or why not?"

Submit scholarship applications to info@ratecity.com.au

When emailing your application, please provide:

Full name
Postal address
Email address
Phone number
Name of university
Name of degree

Applications submitted after 28 April 2018 will not be considered.

The scholarship will be offered to the applicant who we deem has provided the best response.

Your entry confirms acceptance of the Terms and Conditions available from here.