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Aussies no more trusting of financial planners

Superannuation2 min read

Aged care industry seeks super support

A recent roundtable forum found that Australia’s aged care sector will need more funding to cope with the nation’s ageing population, and may require support from the superannuation industry to meet demand.

Superannuation2 min read

Millennials unhappy despite massive superannuation boost

Younger Australians have significantly growth their superannuation balances over the past decade, yet are relatively unsatisfied with their fund’s performance.

Superannuation2 min read

Aussies facing super analysis paralysis

Too many super fund choices are leaving Australians confused and unable to make informed decisions around which superannuation options will be right for their finances.

Superannuation2 min read

Women’s superannuation balances are increasing, but the gender gap is getting bigger

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) have released an analysis that shows while the average super balances for women are increasing, they are still well behind that of men – and the gap is growing.

Superannuation3 min read

New disclosure rules risk misleading Aussies

Upcoming regulatory changes could make comparing the fees and charges of different superannuation funds much more difficult in the future, giving some funds a substantial advantage over others, and potentially misleading Australians.

Superannuation2 min read

Which Aussie postcodes have the most lost super?

Billions of dollars in superannuation are going unclaimed by their rightful owners, and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) has released which postcodes are missing out on the most money for retirement.

Superannuation3 min read

Super priorities require rethink

Industry Super Australia (ISA) has called for the government to get its priorities straight and fix the superannuation system’s grassroots issues rather than revising governance models in favour of bank-owned super funds.

Superannuation2 min read
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