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High Interest Term Deposit Rates

High Interest Term Deposit Rates

High interest term deposit rates have always been sought after by Australians who enjoy regular and competitive returns.

Lock, leave, and save
For anyone with a lump sum to invest, term deposits have many advantages. First of all, you can kick back and not need to worry about constantly monitoring or adjusting your investment, because a term deposit will grow by its own accord.

Secondly, with the interest rate locked in, you can be sure of how much you will earn when your high interest term deposit rates mature. This becomes helpful when you have a cash goal that you need to meet in the foreseeable future.

Locking cash away is a great solution for the compulsive shopper who needs to save. However, because a term deposit will give you very limited access to your funds, be sure you can make do without the money you deposit.

High interest term deposit rates are also a refuge for those wishing to avoid interest rate changes. However, the flipside is that if rates rise significantly during the term of your deposit, you will miss out on the extra interest.

The best cash crop?
Term deposits can be an alternative to savings and bonds, so how does it compare?

Firstly, because government bonds are seen as the securest investments for Australians to make, they often offer much lower rates compared to high interest term deposit rates.

The attractiveness of a savings account comes from your ability to take or top up cash pile. While this is more convenient, financial institutions really value stability and being able to predict their funds, so you will often be rewarded with higher interest for leaving your investment with them in a term deposit for a fixed period.

Just be sure to give clear instructions for what to do when your term deposit matures. The usual options are to withdraw, or roll it over again at the relevant rate on the date that it matures.

Don’t take our word for it
Compare high interest term deposit rates and measure them up against the rest. Only then can you be sure that you’re getting the best value and service for your money.

The table to the right displays some of today’s best term deposit rates for 90 day term deposits, sorted by nominal interest rates.

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