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MyState Bank

Bonus Saver Account

*Bonus interest is paid when a customer has made an eligible deposit of $20 into the Bonus Saver account in the calendar month and made 5 eligible Visa card purchases on the linked Everyday or Glide account in the calendar month
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Earn a competitive return on your nest egg with this savings account that also offers branch access and no ongoing fees.


Winner of Best savings account regular savers, RateCity Gold Awards 2021



Savings Maximiser

*Customers must complete the following each month: 1. Deposit at least $1,000 from an external source; 2. Make 5+ settled card purchases; and 3. Grow the balance on the nominated Savings Maximiser account – i.e. make sure there’s more in the account at the end of the month (excluding interest) than there was at the end of the previous month.
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Enjoy a competitive ongoing bonus interest rate with this award-winning savings account when you meet the maximum rate conditions each month.

Maximum interest rate may have an expiry date, or depend on you fulfilling certain terms and conditions. Base rate is the default rate at which you can earn interest on your savings. RateCity Australian Credit License 316710.