National Australia Bank is one of the big four banks in Australia and one of the top 50 banks in the world. NAB has over 12,500,000 customers worldwide and employs over 42,000 staff across Australia and New Zealand. This big bank offers its customers an enormous range of financial products and services including home loans, personal loans, transaction accounts, insurance and a range of personal and business banking services.

NAB home loan calculator

The NAB home loan calculator lets you calculate mortgage repayments across different loan terms. It also has an interest only home loan calculator function. You have the option to select your own interest rate and see what impact a change in interest rates would have on your mortgage repayments.  Find out more here

NAB Base Variable Loan

The NAB Base Variable Loan is a flexible home loan product that allows customers to borrow up to 90 per cent of the property value. In addition to interest-only repayments, this variable home loan lets you make additional repayments to get ahead and save interest. Borrowers have the flexibility of choosing from weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments and then accessing any additional repayments through the loan redraw facility. This loan has no monthly fees and has the added advantage of a split loan feature, giving borrowers the freedom to choose between a combination of fixed and variable interest rates. This loan has no offset facility and has a maximum loan term of 30 years.

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NAB Choice Package Loan

The NAB Choice Package Loan can be added onto a number of NAB home loans, giving you access to discounts on interest rates and fees by bundling the home loan together with other accounts. Covered under the annual package fee, borrowers get access to preferential interest rate discounts on home lending products, pay no application, annual card or monthly service fees and can enjoy interest rate discounts on fixed and variable margin lending products. The NAB Choice Package Loan gives borrowers additional discounts on NAB home insurance and car insurance.

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NAB Portfolio Facility Loan

The NAB Portfolio Facility Loan is comprehensive line of credit loan which gives you access to a single line of credit which can be used across all your home and investment loans. The Portfolio Facility Loan is essentially one facility which has a single limit which is covered by one annual package fee. In addition to no application or monthly fees, this facility loan gives you freedom to manage your money into 12 sub accounts. Other features include a redraw facility, a split loan feature, 100 per cent offset account and a maximum loan amount of $10,000,000.

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NAB Tailored Loan

The NAB Tailored Loan gives you the flexibility to tailor a loan to your lifestyle. Borrowers can choose between a fixed rate, variable rate or a combination of the two through the loans split facility. Fixed rate loan holders have the option of paying off their loan sooner by making additional repayments of up to $20,000 per year. Borrowers that opt for the variable rate can take advantage of the 100 per cent offset account and can use it to save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. Loan holders have the added bonus of choosing between weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments. Other loan perks include an interest-only option for five years for owner-occupiers and ten years for investment loans as well as a redraw facility and construction option.

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NAB Flexiplus Mortgage Loan

The NAB Flexiplus Mortgage Loan lets you use the equity you’ve built up in your existing home to give you access to a flexible line of credit. This line of credit loan works similarly to a credit card and gives you the freedom to make repayments at your leisure as long as you’ve paid the minimum interest. Borrowers can access up to 90 per cent of the property value and can access the loan funds through a NAB transaction account and Visa debit card. This line of credit loan can be combined with the NAB Choice Package Loan.

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Home Loans from NAB

  • Large variety of home loan products to choose from.
  • Loans can be packaged with other products.
  • Flexible loan features.
  • Comprehensive customer support.
  • Some loans have fees.
  • Less competitive interest rates.
Customer Service

Home loan customers at NAB are able to speak to customer support by contacting the Home Loan hotline seven days a week, or by popping into a NAB branch, emailing the bank directly or by filling out an online enquiry form. Potential NAB customers can also chat with a customer service representative via the online chat function or can contact a NAB mobile banker directly.

✓     Customer service centre (phone)

✓     Mobile app

✓     Online banking

✓     Email

✓     Live Chat

✓     Branch

✓     Mobile banking staff

Applying and Eligibility

NAB provides potential customers with multiple ways of applying for a home loan. This includes calling the bank, applying online, visiting a branch or organising for a NAB Mobile Banker to come to you. Before applying for a home loan it is advisable to think about how much money you could conceivably borrow given your financial situation and income. You will also need to provide documentation when applying for a home loan. This will include:

  • Personal identification material.
  • Proof of income – whether you are self-employed or work for an employer.
  • Proof of other income, including rental.
  • Information regarding your current debts, liabilities and assets.
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