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RateCity Staff

By RateCity Staff

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The questions you’ll need to answer to get car insurance quotes aren’t complex, but it’s important to understand what they are. Some of the questions will relate to the car that you’re trying to insure – the make, model and year in particular. Most of the websites where you can get car insurance quotes have databases that look up car models to get the details right.

You will also be asked where the car is parked, and in particular how it is parked at night. When you try to get car insurance quotes, you’ll often find that a garaged car is going to cost less to insure than the same car parked on the street overnight. Not surprisingly, the risk of theft or damage is much higher when a car is parked on the street – and most sites that allow you to get quotes for car insurance are linked to databases that literally rate how safe or dangerous a suburb or street might actually be!

Most sites that allow you to get car insurance quotes also ask about your driving record, and whether you have and wish to keep a particular no claim bonus. Most of these sites explain very clearly what a no claim bonus means, and why it might affect the amount of your annual premium.

You’ll also be asked questions about modifications to the car, and whether you have young drivers, because both of these things will definitely affect the risk that the car insurer sees in your policy and therefore the premium that you’ll be asked to pay.

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