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The pros and cons of servicing your own vehicle

Car Insurance3 min read

Five ways you’re invalidating your car insurance

Car insurance is a necessity for every Australian car owner but like applying for a car loan, offering misleading information could land you in hot water, and in this case invalidate your car insurance premium altogether.

Car Insurance4 min read

Women-only parking spaces

Next time you think about swinging into a car park, be sure not to take it too wide! Unlike South Korea, Australia doesn't have female-only parks.

Car Insurance3 min read

Turn green into gold

Taking an eco-friendly outlook isn't just about rewarding the environment. It's possible to turn 'green' into gold with environmentally-aware money management.

Car Insurance3 min read

Women better drivers than men, research

A new study has finally settled the debate of which sex is best when it comes to motoring.

Car Insurance3 min read

What not to do after an accident

Car accidents are one of the more stressful situations we face in modern, particularly urban, life. With the best will in the world, they do happen. Here're a few simple rules that will help you cope with the immediate aftermath of a car accident, especially in relation to your car insurance.

Car Insurance3 min read

Budget cars more expensive to maintain

Motorists are being warned to look beyond the sticker price when buying a car and to factor in post-sales costs such as servicing, car insurance and a vehicle's fuel economy, after new research found some budget-priced vehicles can cost more to maintain than a luxury car.

Car Insurance3 min read

Would you give up privacy to save money?

Telematics - the combining of telecommunications and informatics in cars to make them smarter - enables insurance companies to monitor and measure driver behaviours, including how they use their cars.

Car Insurance3 min read

Driving dangerously this Easter could cost you

Aside from the obvious physical threats of dangerous driving, an offense behind the wheel - or loss of licence - could see motorists face increased car insurance bills for years to come.

Car Insurance3 min read
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