Margin Loans

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Low Rate Margin Loans

Company Product Advertised Rate Number of Approved Stocks Go To Site
BT Margin Lending Online Prepaid Fixed 6m 6.79% Fixed 398 Details
Morgan Stanley Margin Lending 3mths Fxd in Adv <$250k 6.89% Fixed 369 Details
St.George Margin Lending 6mth Fxd in Adv <$250k 6.99% Fixed 571 Details
BT Margin Lending Prepaid Fxd 3m 6.99% Fixed 398 Details
CommSec Margin Loan 1yr Fixed 7.20% Fixed 545 Details
CommSec Adviser Services Gearing 1yr Fxd Yrly Adv 7.20% Fixed 545 Details
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These products are ranked by advertised rate on a loan amount of $30,000.

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