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Do I need security to take out a personal loan?

Looking for a personal loan to help you afford that holiday, buy that car or start that business? As well as thinking about how much you plan to borrow, and whether you can afford the repayments, it’s important to consider the security requirements of different personal loans.

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Are personal lenders dodgy?

The personal lending sector has had a chequered history, but the authorities have taken steps in recent years to better protect consumers.

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What are the pros and cons of personal loans?

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What documents do I need to get a personal loan?

Some lenders may have a more intense process of verification, but overall, most lenders will ask for the following documents.

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Bad credit? View your loan options

It can be a serious matter to receive a poor credit rating and be black-marked as a poor credit risk, especially if you are looking to take out a mortgage or loan in the future.

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Everything you need to know about personal lending

Personal lending is now a more tightly regulated industry than in the bad old days, when cowboy operators were able to exploit vulnerable Australians.

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P2P lending drives rise in personal loan applications

If you’re considering taking out a personal loan your first thought is usually ‘which of the big banks are the best fit for me?’

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Is now the time to renovate your home?

With interest rates so low and property price growth continuing at a steady pace now may be a great time to renovate your property findings from a Housing Industry Association survey show.

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