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How to have free family fun over the holidays

How did your budget hold up at Christmas? For most us, it’s a withered, depleted mess waiting for a New Year’s resolution of better savings.

Credit Cards3 min read

8 ways to travel without looking like a tourist

One popular piece of travel advice is to try and blend in overseas, and avoid looking like an obvious tourist. Not only can this help you appreciate the cultures of the places you visit, but it may also help you avoid some of the problems that some tourists experience while travelling.

Credit Cards5 min read

8 tricks to cut down the cost of Christmas

RateCity has compiled a list of eight ways you can cut down the cost of Christmas.

Credit Cards4 min read

Five money tips for travelling overseas

While it is possible to see the world on a shoestring budget, there are several ways that an otherwise perfect overseas holiday can be derailed by money problems, from losing access to your funds, to being charged more than you expected to access your accounts.

Credit Cards6 min read

5 reasons you should cut up your credit card

Credit cards offer several advantages. For some people, though, those benefits come at a terrible cost.

Credit Cards3 min read

Five steps to get out of debt

Whether you’ve racked up a huge credit card bill on your last holiday, or your home loan is getting the best of you, debt is something you can take control of if you follow a few simple steps.

Credit Cards4 min read

5 reasons you’re failing at credit cards

Credit cards are a good servant but a cruel master. Sadly, for many people, the latter is the reality.

Credit Cards4 min read

What is the purchase rate?

When you think of credit card interest rates, you’re probably thinking of the purchase rate – the interest you’ll need to pay on typical credit card purchases, made in-store or online.

Credit Cards2 min read
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