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Our Personal Loan Calculator helps you estimate your repayments. You can also calculate the interest you might save and the time you can shave off your loan by making additional repayments.

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Best personal loans

Personal loans can be used for practically any legal function such as paying for tuition fees, debt consolidation, a holiday, a boat, kitchen renovations and even a car. Each lender has their own specific criteria, but as a general rule - if it's legal, you can find a loan for it! Personal loans are a relatively basic kind of financial product.

Consumers can borrow a specific amount of money which is required to be paid back with interest (in equal repayments) over the term of the loan. Make sure you compare rates and don’t pay too much.

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Compare personal loans

Taking out a personal loan can be an effective way to fund important purchases, or consolidate debt. Unlike a credit card, most personal loans require regular, equal repayments. This can provide the forced discipline many people need to pay down their debt in a set timeframe. Make sure you are armed with the right info when choosing a personal loan by using our comparison tools. Personal loans can seem quite standard across the market, but there are still ways to pick the best from the rest.

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Apply for a personal loan

People apply for personal loans for a number of reasons, including funding a holiday, a home renovation, paying for study, and consolidating their other debts. The loan is usually paid back in equal fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on your needs. You may also choose to Secure your loan by attaching your assets to it (such as a car) in order to gain a lower rate, or leave it Unsecured.

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Unsecured personal loan

Even though a secured personal loan offers a cheaper rate, not everyone may qualify for it. This is because people, such as students, may not have large assets that they can attach to the loan. Unsecured loans generally don't differ from the features of secured loans. However, some may opt for an unsecured loan if they are unsure about their repayments, and would not like to risk their assets. With the option to choose between variable and fixed rates, borrowers are often able to tailor their unsecured loan in the same way as secured loans.

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All interest rates are minimum available for product listed and actual rates offered by lender may vary depending on your individual circumstances and loan amount. The graph above displays total estimated repayment amounts based on principal and interest, in respect of the loan amount, interest rate, term and repayment frequency entered in the Loan Details.

The comparison rate is based on credit of $10,000 and a term of 3 years. The comparison rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees and cost savings such as fee waivers are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan. Comparison rates are not calculated for revolving credit products.

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  • Do you need money for an upcoming holiday, want to do some renovations or are you interested in consolidating your existing loans? Whatever the reason, you may require a personal loan.

    RateCity allows you to search, compare and apply from over 400 personal loans. To start comparing just fill in the form at the top of the page for instant results or, you can choose from one of our popular searches at the base of the page.

    To assist you in the process, our Personal Loans Guide shows you what you need to consider when applying for a personal loan. It's an easy step by step guide to help you find your way. Alternatively, if you're not in the market ready to purchase and would rather spend more time researching, head to our news section for all the information on the latest trends and tips on getting the better personal loan.

  • RateCity's Personal Loans Guide provides you with tips and useful information to assist in your decision when purchasing a personal loan.

    Regardless of whether you need more information about your personal loan repayments and how they are calcuated, the fees involved with applying for a personal loan or the range of features available with some personal loans, you will find the answers in this section.

    Be sure to bookmark or print this information to assist with searching RateCity for a personal loan - it's bound to help you find the right loan for your needs, not just any loan. Whether you intend on using the finance for a holiday, new home, vehicle or new business venture the personal loan guide will ensure you make an informed decision. Just as important though is a repayment strategy so be sure to do your research properly.

  • Personal Loan Articles

    This section is necessary for anyone looking at purchasing a Personal Loan or who would like to better understand their Personal Loan and need assistance with the different terms. All the explanations are in plain english, so you'll be an expert in no time.

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    In the credit card versus personal loan debate, it’s important to weigh up costs and benefits.

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    If your personal debt levels are creeping up, you’re not alone – many Australians continue to battle mounting debt.

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    Jul 08, 2013

    Personal finance commitments rose to $8.16 billion over the 12 months to April 2013.

    Young Australians file for bankruptcy

    Apr 15, 2013

    In the first three months of this year, 4774 Australians went bankrupt – that’s 53 people per day, according to the federal government’s Insolvency and Trustee Service.

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    As more Australians slip below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet, our reliance on credit cards and loan sharks has increased, reports suggest.

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    If you’re battling an escalating credit card bill, a personal loan could provide a low cost solution. A low-interest balance transfer may sound like an appealing option but a personal loan could pr...

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