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Driving away with a good deal

28th of October 2013

Are you ready to ditch the second-hand bomb you’ve been driving for a snazzy new car? Buying a brand new car doesn’t come cheap, however, and unless you’ve been diligently saving towards this goal, you will need to examine car loan options.

Cut petrol costs by 25 percent

22nd of July 2013

Rising petrol prices have eaten into household budgets for millions of Australian drivers and research shows the cost of fuel is set to rise again in coming months.

Biggest car buyer regrets

29th of May 2013

To avoid heartache, and potential financial ruin, it pays to do your homework before driving away in your new purchase. In fact, the homework should begin well before you apply for a car loan.

Car finance tricks and traps

18th of May 2013

The deals on offer look pretty attractive. But reports suggest not all deals are what they seem with some motorists allegedly paying more in interest than the cost of their new cars.

How to beat depreciation on your car

27th of April 2013

Cars depreciate on average by around 14 percent per year in the first three years, then up to eight percent after that.

Economists call for petrol tax hikes

9th of March 2013

Economists at the Australian National University say motorists would benefit from a higher tax on petrol.

Five cars that held their value best in 2012

2nd of February 2013

Most cars are depreciating assets, losing 14 percent per year on average in the first three years, then up to 8 percent after that, says consumer watchdog Choice.

Get more when selling your car

27th of October 2012

One in two new car owners who purchased a vehicle in the past three years are already looking to replace it with a smaller model, research suggests.

New car buyers beware

5th of September 2012

Car manufacturers are luring motorists with a combination of low-interest finance deals and other offers in an effort to stimulate a flat market, experts warn.

Cheapest new cars to run

22nd of June 2012

Despite rising fuel costs, new research shows that car running costs have fallen over the past 12 months.