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Used Car Loans

Whether you are buying a used or new car the most important first step is to start searching and comparing for Australian car loans. All used car loans offer something different so spend some time working out what you want and then start comparing interest rates, features and fees until you find the best fit.

A used car loan differs from new car loans and is tailored specifically for those who want to borrow money purely for the purpose of purchasing a used vehicle. Each financial institution will have their own eligibility conditions, some have car age restrictions, so as well as tracking down a good deal keep a keen on the terms and conditions also.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a used and new car loan is the interest rates. Unfortunately the interest rates tend to be a little higher for used car loans.

The rest of the features, like secured and unsecured loan options and fixed and variable interest rates, are much the same, so it will pay to do a little reading so you can pick the best option for your financial situation. RateCity has a comprehensive car loans guide that can steer you down the right track and help you nut out the features and options.

Rev up your search now with our used car loan comparison table below and crunch the numbers with our repayment calculator.

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Company Product Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Application Fees Monthly Repayment Go To Site
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360 Finance Advantage Car Loan 6.33% Fixed 7.32% $399 $590.60 Go to Site
bankmecu goGreen Car- Fixed- ANCAP5+/ GHSE7+ 7.34% Fixed 7.55% $150 $598.87 Go to Site
IMB Car Loan (New) 7.33% Fixed 7.58% $175 $598.72 Go to Site
NRMA Car Loans Secured Car Loan 7.25% Fixed 7.76% $357.90 $597.59 Go to Site
RACQ New Car Loan 7.25% Fixed 7.76% $357.90 $597.59 Go to Site
RACV Car Loan 7.25% Fixed 7.76% $357.90 $597.59 Go to Site
Gateway Credit Union New Car Loan 7.69% Variable 7.90% $149 $603.86 Go to Site
bankmecu goGreen Car Loan Fixed =<7 yrs old 7.84% Fixed 8.05% $150 $606 Go to Site
IMB Personal Loan Secured 7.99% Fixed 8.24% $175 $608.15 Go to Site
CUA Vehicles <2yrs old +30k Fixed 7.99% Fixed 8.29% $120 $608.15 Go to Site
bankmecu goGreen Car - Var - ANCAP5+/ GHSE7+ 8.14% Variable 8.35% $150 $610.31 Go to Site
bankmecu goGreen Car Loan Variable =<7Yrs 8.64% Variable 8.85% $150 $617.53 Go to Site
ANZ Online Secured Car Loan 8.69% Fixed 9.54% $350 $623.25 Go to Site
NRMA Car Loans Secured Personal Loan - Used Car 9.45% Fixed 9.97% $357.90 $629.33 Go to Site
RACV Secured Personal Loan 9.45% Fixed 9.97% $357.90 $629.33 Go to Site
RACQ Personal Loan (Secured) 9.95% Fixed 10.47% $357.90 $636.68 Go to Site
St.George Bank Secured Fixed Personal Loan 9.99% Fixed 10.88% $195 $646.27 Go to Site
Westpac Used Car Loan 9.99% Fixed 11.04% $250 $647.27 Go to Site
Westpac New Car Loan 9.99% Fixed 11.04% $250 $647.27 Go to Site
CUA Fixed Personal Loan 11.99% Fixed 12.17% $120 $667.19 Go to Site
CUA Personal Loan Unsecured 12.99% Variable 13.17% $120 $682.44 Go to Site
ME Bank Personal Loan Fxd 12.99% Fixed 13.21% $150 $682.44 Go to Site
NAB Personal Ln Unsec Fixed 12.99% Fixed 13.86% $150 $692.44 Go to Site
NAB Personal Ln Unsec Var 12.99% Variable 13.86% $150 $692.44 Go to Site
Aussie Unsecured Loan 12.99% Fixed 13.94% $199 $692.44 Go to Site

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Show: 10 25 All Results

Data last updated August 21st, 2014

Monthly repayments are indicative and based on advertised rate, loan amount and selected payment frequency over nominated loan term. Rates shown are minimum available and may vary depending on your individual circumstances and loan amount.

The comparison rate is based on secured credit of $30,000 and a term of 5 years. WARNING: The comparison rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees and cost savings such as fee waivers are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan. Comparison rates are not calculated for revolving credit products.

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