Top ten best blogs to save you money

It’s amazing that so many of us take time out to read blogs in the fast-paced time-poor world we live in. But some blogs aren’t just a way to kill time on the trek home from work, they can actually save and make you money.

Check out my favourite money-saving blogs.

1. MoneySmart

Who knew the Australian Government could produce such an informative, easy to understand website?  It’s a haven for anyone looking for up-to-date advice on tax, superannuation, family benefits, insurance and more.  They’ve also got a huge range of tools to track your spending, draw up a budget or do a money health check.  Money Smart has something for absolutely everyone.

2. The Savings Guide

If nabbing a bargain on the weekly grocery shop leaves you on a bit of a high then this site will make you smile all year round.  It’s overflowing with tips on how to save money at the supermarket, the petrol pump and every other step in your daily routine.

3. Get Rich Slowly

Learn how to make breakfasts faster and cheaper than takeaway from McDonalds, when to start investing for your retirement and money-saving lunch strategies. There’s plenty for everyone on this site with engaging content that will get you thinking about your finances in all sorts of different ways.

4. The Hip Pocket

The Hip Pocket is exactly as described – hip.  Pitched squarely at people in their 20’s, it’s fresh, frank and has a host of money saving ideas.  It asks questions as well as answering them, so if you’re someone that likes to part of a conversation, rather than just at the receiving end, this site’s for you.

5. Wisebread

Find out when you should ask for a pay rise, why clutter makes you poor and how long your appliances should last.  It’s an American site but there’s enough universal stories on here to make it well worth your time.

6. The Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor is perfect for people who want to generate money, rather than just saving it. Its easy going style makes it a great resource for anyone starting out in the investment game and founder Scott Pape is only too happy to use his wife, kids, parents and other real people to explain how to make the most out of your money.

7. Cuffelinks

One for the savvy investor, Cuffelinks’ contributors have extensive financial experience and they are more than happy to share it.  From stock tips to retirement planning, this site is for anyone with considerable investment and savings ambitions.

8. Simple Savings

More than a blog – this is a secure online community where members freely share money savings resources and advice.  Build an e-Money jar, cook 120 biscuits for $4 or get a cheap massage at a natural therapies college – this site has it all.

9. Hey Little Spender

Founder Larissa Ham has a work-life balance that will turn any nine-to-fiver green with envy.  Swapping the shackles of her desk for a year-round sun tan in Bali, she provides some clever insights into just how achievable it is to work a four hour day. 

10. Frugal and Thriving

This blog is not only exceptionally practical, it has an amazing sense of calm that seems to radiate from the screen.  Focused on healthy living, it’s hard not to be inspired to take up a simpler, healthier lifestyle.

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