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Luckiest lottery numbers revealed

8th of May 2012

Some lottery players don't wish for luck, they make their own. Yet a string of recent "lotto hackers" in North America did not use high-tech gadgetry like the kind found in Hollywood films, but a knack for spotting patterns and exploiting loopholes.

How to get a head start in the property market

22nd of February 2012

As lenders loosen the purse strings and house prices take a dive, first-time buyers are more likely to be able to buy than at any time since the credit crunch.

$13 billion up for grabs

18th of December 2011

How do you lose $13 billion? Quite easily it would seem, if Australia's "lost" superannuation is anything to go by.

A great place to stash your cash

20th of October 2011

With Australians riding the share market rollercoaster in recent months, many investors have sought alternative investment options. This has seen a spike in cash investments such as term deposits, as people respond to the idea of spreading their investments into other asset classes during tough financial times.

Shop around as term deposit rates slide

20th of September 2011

As cautious investors seek some relief from the trials and tribulations of the share market, banks have been flooded by cash deposits in recent months.

Aussies' love of liquid grows

1st of July 2011

With the wounds of the global financial crisis still fresh, Australians have changed their attitudes to investing and are holding more cash within their portfolios than in the past, according to research from CoreData.

Savings have doubled, but is it enough?

9th of June 2011

Australians are saving almost twice as much of their household income than they were five years ago, new research has found. Yet many of us are still not looking to high-yield investment options such as online term deposits.

Maximise your tax return this financial year

3rd of June 2011

There's less than a month until the end of the 2011 financial year and come tax time many Australians may receive an unexpected windfall, which if invested correctly could translate into significant financial gain.

How to get the most out of your federal budget booster

1st of June 2011

The 2011 federal budget has promised to bring financial relief to some Australian families who, with the right investment strategy, are set to turn a minor boost into significant long-term gain.

New term deposits service could earn you an extra 1 percent

1st of June 2011

The unspoken rule of term deposit accounts is that advertised interest rates are often negotiable. Ask for a better deal and an institution will likely respond by bumping up the rate. The only way to access these "better rates", up until now has been to call institutions directly.