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Ranking Australia’s states and territories by economy

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Tax scammers want to steal your savings

The authorities are working with retailers to help prevent a scam in which consumers are cajoled to buy gift cards to pay fake tax debts.

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Aussies throw away $446 million a year in loose change

ING research has found that more than half of Australians do not think twice about losing loose change, and it’s costing them a collective $38.85 million a month.

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Scrapping ATM fees: what it really means for your wallet

We have compiled a list of ways removing ATM fees will help Australians, and ways the banks could make this hurt.

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Big banks help smaller rivals by abolishing ATM fees

Smaller lenders will be the surprise winner from yesterday’s decision by the big four banks to no longer impose ATM fees on non-customers.

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ATM fees just the tip of a $4-billion-dollar iceberg

While yesterday’s decision by the big four banks to dump controversial ATM fees has been met with applause, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bank fees.

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Banks call for time on BEAR legislation

Australia’s federal government has released draft legislation for the Bank Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), and the nation’s bankers are calling for more time to have their say.

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Australia ranked second in Asia Pacific alternative finance

Australia’s alternative finance market grew by over 50% in 2016, outpacing Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and India.

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