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What to do with an inheritance windfall

15th of April 2014

Receiving an inheritance can be a great financial boon, but it can also be overwhelming when faced with the quandary of what to do with the windfall. Should you blow it all on a luxurious holiday and a fancy new car, pay off the mortgage or invest it in shares?

5 tips to revamp your finances

12th of April 2014

Are you stuck in a debt trap or simply failing to make a dent in your savings account? Now may be the time to take a close look at your finances – it’s never too late to improve your money habits. But where should you start? Here are five tips to revamp your finances.

Savers set to score

8th of April 2014

Last week’s Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate freeze announcement was good news for variable borrowers but new research has revealed there is even better news for Aussie savers, with saving interest rates on the rise – some almost twice as high as the current cash rate.

The zero-dollar week savings plan

7th of April 2014

Becoming a conscious saver who makes regular deposits into a savings account is a fail-safe way to establish smart money habits. Take that one step further and commit to one week of no spending, every second month – and you’ve got yourself some serious savings.

Saving money won't cost you the earth

29th of March 2014

With Earth Hour casting darkness over the world this weekend - in the name of environmental conservation - we thought it would be fitting to share with you some of our RateCity user’s savings tips – a lot of which are quirky but clever.

How to fight the urge to splurge

24th of March 2014

Let’s face it. We live in a consumerist society and splurging is easy – and fun. So how do you fight the urge to splurge?

Does money buy happiness?

20th of March 2014

When credit card bills start piling up and home loan repayments start constricting your once carefree lifestyle, it’s easy to blame lack of money for your woes but can money actually buy you happiness?

Five ways to start saving now

3rd of March 2014

Putting money aside in savings is an important buffer against financial shocks, such as illness or a sudden job loss. But if you’re finding yourself talking about saving more but not actually doing any saving, here are five ways you can start saving now.

How to boost your savings

26th of February 2014

There are many benefits to saving – planning for the future, having access to money in case something unexpected happens and achieving your financial goals among others. To help you achieve those goals faster, here are some effective tips on boosting your savings.

Family holiday without blowing the budget

25th of February 2014

Whether you would like to expose your children to other cultures, perspectives and experiences, or simply kick back and relax while the kids indulge in supervised water sports, an overseas family holiday can offer many rewards. It can also break the bank.