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Car insurance premiums soar

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Boomers more accident prone than Gen Y

The “at-risk” generation Y group filed fewer than 10 percent of all claims in the past three years. By comparison, baby boomers accounted for almost 40 percent of all claims made in the same period.

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Driving change in gender bias

Forget the stereotype; women are safer behind the wheel than male drivers, new British research has revealed.

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Cars with the worst safety records

Porsche drivers could be three times more likely to be involved in an accident on the road than Daewoo drivers, research suggests.

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Young drivers paying less to insure

Despite a long-held belief that young drivers make more claims on car insurance and pay the highest premiums, new research has revealed that the cost for young people to insure a vehicle is falling.

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Vehicle theft: more common than you think

Did you know a vehicle is stolen every eight minutes somewhere in Australia? And between January and September 2010, 33,482 cars were stolen across the country. That's the frightening statistic in a recent report from car insurer Budget Direct.

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South Australia: top state for car owners

South Australia is arguably Australia's friendliest state for drivers. The Virgin Car Insurance study, which compared the costs of car insurance, petrol, parking and tolls as well as theft, revealed Adelaide as the most driver-friendly city in Australia

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