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How to finance your renovation

9th of December 2013

You love the area you live in but your family has outgrown the house. Rather than pack up, sell up and move into new digs, you can renovate your current home to meet your needs and avoid compromising on location.

How to conquer your debt

9th of October 2013

Australians are saving more than ever, but our household debt remains at high levels. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, household debt has been consistent at 150 percent of household annual income for the past six years.

Personal loan or put it on the plastic?

21st of August 2013

In the credit card versus personal loan debate, it’s important to weigh up costs and benefits.

How to escape the debt trap

10th of August 2013

If your personal debt levels are creeping up, you’re not alone – many Australians continue to battle mounting debt.

Personal debt levels soar

10th of July 2013

Personal finance commitments rose to $8.16 billion over the 12 months to April 2013.

Young Australians file for bankruptcy

17th of April 2013

In the first three months of this year, 4774 Australians went bankrupt – that’s 53 people per day, according to the federal government’s Insolvency and Trustee Service.

Loans with no interest attached

3rd of November 2012

As more Australians slip below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet, our reliance on credit cards and loan sharks has increased, reports suggest.

The bucket list that can earn you wealth

28th of February 2011

Does your ever-growing bucket list include things like trekking the Himalayas or renovating the kitchen, but gets pushed into the too-hard basket from lack of spare cash? Well, you might be surprised to learn luxuries like these can actually bring you wealth, all with a little help from a personal loan.

Personal loans put you back in the black

8th of February 2010

If you’re battling an escalating credit card bill, a personal loan could provide a low cost solution. A low-interest balance transfer may sound like an appealing option but a personal loan could provide bigger savings on interest.

Confident consumers prefer personal loans

8th of February 2010

Personal loans are on the rise, as Australia’s economy steadies toward a full recovery. However, major banks are the ones enjoying the fruits of consumer confidence, while the rest are left with more to desire.