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Australians to spend $2.9 billion this Easter

17th of April 2014

Australians are set to indulge this Easter holidays with the latest report from IBISWorld revealing our holiday-loving nation will spend approximately $2.9 billion over this Easter period.

How to use credit cards the smart way

14th of April 2014

You’d be hard-pressed trying to book a holiday or make a purchase online without a credit card. Even in the offline world, credit cards are wonderfully convenient and allow you to carry around less cash. But there is a not-so-smart and a smart way to use them. These are the smart ways.

Financial decisions you'll regret later

31st of March 2014

For most people in their 20s and 30s, life is about enjoyment, flexibility and abundant experiences – and that’s a good thing. But the financial decisions we make early on can have a lasting impact on the rest of our lives.

Bad money habits and how you can fix them

22nd of March 2014

Habits are easy to form and hard to break, especially when it comes to how we spend our money.

How to clean up your credit report

12th of March 2014

From today, changes to the Australian Privacy Laws mean lenders will have access to more information about your financial habits, including 24 months of your repayment patterns for credit cards, loans and other credit.

Men or women, who are the bigger spenders?

13th of February 2014

Putting to bed the myth that women are more impulsive buyers than men, a new consumer study has revealed that it’s actually the men who are the big spenders.

What do you know about your credit file?

7th of January 2014

Whether you are signing up for a mobile phone plan, a business loan or a mortgage, your approval can come down to one thing: your credit history. But most Australians have never checked their credit history, nor do they have a clue how to do so.

Expert tips to trim your credit card bills

4th of January 2014

Australians owe about $50 billion on credit cards so it’s little surprise that many users are being hit with hefty interest charges.

Credit card saving tips

23rd of December 2013

According to the old saying, death and taxes are the only certainties in life. We can probably add credit cards to that list ­– from online shopping to liberating us from the burden of carrying cash, it would be impossible to live a hassle-free lifestyle without a bit of plastic.

How to avoid financial disasters

19th of December 2013

From over-spending to racking up a massive debt or falling victim to a financial scam, financial disasters come in all sorts of guises and levels of crisis. Here are some valuable tips to help you avoid financial disasters of all kinds.