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Five reasons your budget isn’t working

10th of February 2014

Using a budget is a prerequisite for avoiding debt and living within your means. But have you tried making a budget and found that it doesn’t work for you? Do you always manage to spend more than you budgeted for? Instead of giving up, consider five common reasons your budget isn’t working.

Aussies waste $1b in account fees

3rd of February 2014

Australians are unnecessarily paying up to $120 a year just to hold a transaction account.

Money is tearing couples apart

14th of December 2013

There’s a general rule that you should never talk about money with colleagues but what about with your partner? Despite seeing each other at your most vulnerable; first thing in the morning, hung over, crying at movies, money is still a subject that makes most couples cringe and is driving them apart.

eftpos squares up to payWave threat with new contactless card

18th of September 2013

An eftpos contactless card is set to hit the market in the next twelve months and is currently undergoing internal trials with a number of banks.

$163m fee sting for Aussie battlers

16th of July 2013

Latest research reveals low-income earners are forking out an estimated $163 million each year in avoidable bank fees.

Banks haul in record fee revenue

3rd of July 2013

The average Australian household currently is paying around $9 each week in bank fees, much of which is largely avoidable.

Basic finances out of reach for 1 in 5 Aussies

14th of June 2013

More than three million Australians lack access to critical financial services including transaction accounts, credit cards and basic home and car insurance, a new report has revealed.

Aussies waste $670m using the wrong ATMs

21st of March 2013

Consumers who use ATMs not owned by their own bank paid more than $670 million in mostly unnecessary fees last year, research shows.

Men spend more when women aren't around

4th of February 2013

Men are more likely to spend on impulse, rack up debt and less likely to save when surrounded by more men and fewer women, a new study has found.

Save $8000 with 8 simple tips

21st of November 2012

Are you finding your money isn't going as far at the moment? Take control of your cash with these eight tips from finance guru Ross Greenwood to help you save thousands of dollars in one year.