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ASIC shifts strategy from financial literacy to capability

Transaction Accounts3 min read

CBA puts focus on service, not sales

The Commonwealth Bank is continuing its recent charm offensive by changing how it pays its frontline staff. Rather than offering tellers financial incentives to make sales, the new system will reward the delivery of superior customer service in CBA branches.

Transaction Accounts2 min read

Banking with your digital assistant

If you’ve ever asked a friendly disembodied voice to schedule an appointment, answer a trivia question, or just to tell a silly joke, then you may also be happy to ask your digital assistant for financial advice. With this in mind, National Australia Bank (NAB) has teamed up with Google to launch a new app for the Google Assistant platform.

Transaction Accounts2 min read

Which banks allow free ATM withdrawals?

Commonwealth Bank caused a stir on 24 September when it eliminated ATM withdrawal fees for non-customers – forcing other lenders to follow its lead.

Transaction Accounts1 min read

ATM usage surges after fee removal

Just days after eliminating withdrawal fees from its ATMs, Commonwealth Bank has recorded a significant increase in usage of its machines by customers of other banks.

Transaction Accounts2 min read

CBA makes it easier to pay with phones and watches

Commonwealth Bank has unveiled two new on-the-go payment methods for consumers.

Transaction Accounts2 min read

Aussies spend more on bare necessities

Australians are seeing basic expenses gobble up a larger share of their household budgets, but are experiencing less financial stress, according to new figures released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Transaction Accounts2 min read

Aussie households less optimistic about their financial future

A significant percentage of Australians have concerns about their financial comfort, given recent economic forecasts of rising household costs, growing risk of mortgage stress, and relatively slow growth in incomes.

Transaction Accounts4 min read
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