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What the health insurance premium rise means for you

2nd of April 2014

If you are one of the 10.7 million Australians with health insurance, you may be aware that the biggest increase in health insurance premiums in almost a decade has just kicked in. But what does it mean for you?

Is your workplace making you sick?

8th of July 2013

Whether you love going to work or dread it, there's one aspect of the workplace that many of us don't often think about – that the building in which you work could be making you sick.

Six ways to kick the smoking habit

6th of October 2012

While new research shows smoking rates in Australia are falling, some of us need a little help to quit.

Eat yourself skinny

26th of September 2012

Find it hard to resist a hamburger? You're not alone. The latest data suggests six out of 10 adults are overweight or obese, with this proportion climbing from 56 percent in 1995 to 61 percent by 2007 to 2008.

Obesity may be contagious: researchers

15th of September 2012

Are your friends fit and healthy eaters or more of a beer and pizza crowd? The answer could provide some insight into the current state of your body, research shows.

Bizarre treatments celebrities swear by

29th of August 2012

Ever on the lookout for ways to appear younger and even more radiant, celebrities are the pioneers of the beauty world. But in recent years the A-list has turned its attention to radical alternative medical therapies, putting health ahead of vanity.

Stress-busting superfoods

1st of August 2012

The overwhelming majority of Australians suffer from stress, with 91 percent reporting some level of stress in their lives, according to a recent Lifeline poll.

Private health insurance: Lots of changes for 2012

30th of July 2012

Private health insurance is a heavily regulated industry. On balance, that's a good thing, because issues around health, and in particular health costs, are pretty important. But one of the downsides is that regulations change frequently and health insurance has lots of regulations that affect both the premiums you pay and your tax bill.

The cost of getting the flu

23rd of July 2012

It’s official! We’re a sickly lot with one estimate from private health insurer nib suggesting that as many as one in five Australians will come down with the flu this year. Moreover, St John Ambulance Australia estimates that flu costs Australian companies more than $7billion in sick days annually.

Need motivation to exercise mid-week?

2nd of July 2012

The simple act of sitting down and staring at a screen might seem harmless, relaxing even, and yet reams of research suggests that sedentary jobs are making us fat, giving us bad backs, and triggering heart attacks.