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Frank Credit Card


Pros and Cons

  • No Annual Fee


    Electronic Wallet Service

    Important Rates


    Balance Transfer

    Overseas spending



    • Free Supplementary Cards


    The ME Bank Frank credit card has no annual fee, moderately low interest rates, and a moderate number of interest-free days. The card charges international transaction fees and low late payment fees. This card does not have an associated rewards scheme.

    ME Bank offers internet banking that allows card holders to put a temporary stop on your credit card should the card be lost or misplaced. Card holders also enjoy extra protection for online shopping and unauthorised purchases.

    While the ME Bank Frank credit card does not come with a rewards program, card holders are granted access to Mastercard Priceless Cities. Mastercard Priceless Cities offers customers exclusive deals in cities both domestically and internationally, from food and wine to transportation and accommodation.

    This card comes with tap-and-go for fast and secure purchases.

    • No annual fee
    • Access to Mastercard Priceless Cities
    • Low late payment fee
    • No rewards scheme
    • No frequent flyer points
    • No complimentary insurance


    Who is it good for?

    The ME Bank Frank credit card is a low-rate, no-fee card, which might make it suited to budget card holders who don’t always clear their credit card debt each month. The moderately low interest rates of the ME Bank Frank credit card may help customers control and pay off their debt.

    The ME Bank Frank card might also be a good fit for those who like to minimise credit card costs. This card never charges an annual fee and only charges a low late payment fee.

    The ME Bank Frank card is not a rewards card, which means it might not be suited to those who want to earn points or frequent flyer miles for their spending. For customers in search of a rewards card, consider which type of rewards suit you best and search for a credit card that fits your preferences.

    What RateCity says

    The ME Bank Frank credit card is a sensible choice for budget card holders. The card charges moderately low interest rates, which may be especially beneficial for customers with existing debt or for those who struggle to pay their bill in full each month. The card also charges a low late payment fee, which can lower costs for those who tend to make late payments.

    While low rates and few fees make this card reasonable for many potential card holders, others may want a broader range of benefits. The card does not come with any complimentary insurance, nor does it have an associated rewards program for earning points on eligible purchases.

    Although this card tends to have low fees, customers should be aware of the international transaction fees. The ME Bank Frank credit card charges an overseas spending fee, making it less than ideal for travel.


    In order to be eligible for the ME Bank Frank credit card, you need to be at least 18 years old and have Australian citizenship or permanent residency. Applicants must also earn more than $25,000 annually. To complete the online application form, you’ll need to have a photo ID, such as your Australian driver’s licence or passport. You’ll also be asked to supply information on your income and expenses. Existing ME bank customer should have their account number ready. 

    About ME Bank

    ME is a bank created and owned by 29 of Australia’s industry superannuation funds. ME Bank serves over 400,000 Australians across the country, providing a variety of banking and financial solutions. Their offering includes bank accounts, credit cards, home loans, personal loans and term deposits. They also offer debt consolidation services. ME Bank does not operate bank branches, but rather operates entirely online, though customers can also contact a representative by phone.


    Applying for a credit card online is quick and easy. If you’re asking yourself, “How do I apply for a credit card online?”, here are the steps to take:

    1. Compare your options – There are many credit card options available. Compare credit providers by fees, perks and repayments to find the best credit card for your budget.
    2. Complete the application – Once you’ve selected a credit card, it’s time to start the online application. Forms vary, depending on the card and credit provider.
    3. Provide details – These details prove you meet the provider’s age, residency, income and credit status requirements. This could be a copy of your licence or bank account statement.
    4. Review details – Ensure the information you’ve entered is correct.


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