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Join the thousands of Australians who have already used RateCity to take control of their finances.

Our goal is to help you unlock a better future through smart financial decisions.

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Where it all started

RateCity was started in 2007. It began as a source of information for Australians who wanted to learn more about financial and credit product - and compare them all in one place. Many financial and credit products are highly regulated and can be difficult to understand and apply for. RateCity saw a gap in the market for a central place that could demystify financial decisions.


At our core, we believe financial literacy should not be something reserved for a selected few. Everyone should have the ability to take control of their finances. This is the mission of RateCity, and has been since the company began more than a decade ago.


Since its inception, RateCity has become a trusted destination for Australians wanting to take control of their financial future. Whether you're wanting a better rate on your investment loan or just starting your first ever job and searching for a superannuation fund, RateCity distills complex financial information into words we can all understand.

How we're different

From the beginning, RateCity set out to be the most comprehensive financial comparison site in Australia. We promise our customers a fair and transparent view of options, so that they can make the choice that suits their needs. It’s not just talk either - we back it up with our service:

  • We allow you to search and compare more than 250 financial and credit providers and more than 10,000 products. 

  • We do not limit our products in our comparison tables to the companies that pay for listings. You can compare all options in our database. 

  • We do not take payments for our product ratings. All of our award winning products must meet strict eligibility criteria.


Most importantly, RateCity allows you to compare offers and rates from nearly every institution in Australia, regardless of commercial relationships.

RateCity is also the only comparison site that has product ratings updated in real time, as opposed to once or twice a year. Our Real Time Ratings™ technology calculates product ratings daily, showing you a simplified score out of five stars.



More information can ber found in our data and fact checking policy or in our Real Time Ratings

What is RateCity?

RateCity is one of Australia’s most popular comparison websites and part of the Canstar group. It’s a place that allows you to compare leading financial and credit products and offers, all in one place, giving you the tools and information to help you make great decisions.


We compare over 10,000 financial products from more than 250 providers.

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Free credit score and credit report on-site through our RateCity app.

More information can ber found in our data and fact checking policy or in our Real Time Ratings

How we make money

We take a customer-first approach. We don't think the average Australian should have to pay for easy-to understand information. It should be free and accessible to everyone. It's why RateCity doesn't - and never will - charge its readers or customers to access comparison engines or content. Instead, we may take a fee from our providers if we have helped power a decision. If you choose to click on a lender, fund or institution, we may receive a referral fee.

Our comparison pages are designed with the highest integrity to make sure you can find the right offer for you. We provide you with filters and sort options to ensure you can make a decision from any product in our database, regardless of whether we have a commercial relationship or not.

More information on how we work can be found in our editorial policy

Why we take security seriously

Security is an important issue at RateCity. Scams and other fraudulent activities are a major cause of financial loss in Australia and the world, with losses amounting in the hundreds of millions in Australia alone every year. 


As such, RateCity takes security very seriously. We have numerous measures and approaches to ensure your information is kept secure. We'll always alert our readers to security issues, scams, and other fraudulent activities so you know what to look out for - and so you can feel secure using this website.

For more information, please read our scams and fraud warning and our guide to protecting yourself online.