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Updated on 20 May, 2022

Real Time Ratings™

A world-first rating system that ranks financial products based on your personal preferences.

Australia's most up-to-date product rankings

Every product is rated and ranked daily, to ensure you have the most accurate score to help you choose.

Real Time Ratings™ unique to Australia

The Real Time Ratings™ are based on important deciding factors such as costs (rates and fees), features and flexibility.

Tailored scoring

Products that best match your individual needs are ranked against each other, making them easier to compare and select. 

How are Real Time Ratings™ better?

Most rating systems only compare products a few times a year. This is a problem because banks and lenders are constantly changing things. Real Time Ratings™ are updated daily, allowing you to compare products based on the most up-to-date information at hand.

Categories rated in real time

Home Loans

Over 4,000 loans ranked

Personal Loans

Over 200 loans ranked

Car Loans

Over 200 products ranked

Savings Accounts

Over 100 products ranked

Term Deposits

Over 50 products ranked

Bank Accounts

Over 100 products ranked

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