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Superannuation – things you should know!

Retirement may be a while off yet – or just around the corner – but regardless of your stage of life, your superannuation savings are going to play an important role in dictating how you live out your later years.

And while during your working life superannuation contributions generally happen automatically, in most cases by your employer, this doesn’t mean you should ignore where your money is being invested. Rather than sit on the sideline, shop around, compare super funds and take control of your financial future.

Use the RateCity comparison tools to compare a range of super funds side-by-side to see how your super fund matches up. By comparing super fund membership fees, overall fees (calculated fees) and your fund's past performance you should be able to spot a great super – and life – investment option. Remember, the fund's past performance is no guarantee of future performance, so take all the key factors into account when choosing a superannuation fund.

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Comparing superannuation funds is a great move if you want to have sufficient accumulated savings when you’re ready to hang up your working shoes.

Scroll up and start comparing super funds now. To narrow down your super search you can compare by superannuation segments – e.g. personal, other or pension – if you aren’t sure which segment suits you, read through the brief description under each one. Alternatively, you can select a company if you want to see how one particular company’s super funds stack up.

When comparing super make sure you take into account the membership fees, the fund’s overall fees (calculated fees), the type of investments the new fund invests in and check the super rating. Also, take into consideration the insurance that is covered under each fund, such as life insurance, total and permanent disablement (TPD) or income protection.

If you find a super fund that looks appealing you can click the ‘go to site’ button and you will be directed to the superannuation fund’s website – where you can find out more information or enquire about moving across your current super. Remember, before moving you should always check with your existing fund whether you will be charged any exit fees or lose any existing benefits (e.g. life insurance, income protection or discounts) and have a good read of the new fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”). The PDS sets out all of the important information you need to know about the fund. You may also need to notify your employer of your change of super fund.

Superannuation news and info

Superannuation certainly isn’t the most interesting water-cooler topic but it’s an important one. Many of us don’t know as much as we should about super and in particular managing our own. If you have questions concerning finding lost super, consolidating your super funds, understanding how much super you need to retire or knowing what to look for in a superannuation fund – we have a few answers for you. Visit our news, how-to articles and guides for all this information and tips.